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Since 2001, I have been living in Silicon Valley, this innovative region in California where the future is already being developed today. Here I research technology trends and their impact on people, society, and politics.

Topics I deal with and on which I have written several books, as well as give talks and conduct workshops, include autonomous and electric mobility, artificial intelligence, the digital revolution, but also the innovative and creative mindset, and foresight to look into the future and make better decisions in today.

For many years, I was responsible at SAP as a software developer, development manager and technology strategist, was a mentor in accelerators to coach start-ups and now advise companies on how they can transfer the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from Silicon Valley to their organizations to become more innovative and to recognize trends and tipping points early on and help shape them.

I host delegations from Europe in Silicon Valley and connect them with the people and companies there.


Some of my last books (since 2016) were

Currently I am working on a book with the title Wenn Maschinen von Maschinen lernen (When machines learn from machines), a sequel to my AI-book Wenn Affen von Affen lernen.


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